Fashion Revolution Day is a call to arms to not just people in the fashion industry but to you, to me, to everyone - to stand for change. This is not a gimmick, it is already a global movement that is sweeping the world thanks to the campaign leaders, and sadly in part to the realization that spread in the wake of Rana Plaza which brought home a harsh reality. Too many brands and high street chains are mass producing clothes and accessories for very little at the cost of the people making them. In the case of Rana Plaza, 1133 people lost their lives and nearly double this were injured. Gallingly, Some of the brands, did not even know they had been producing clothes in the building and many still might struggle to tell you exactly where each piece of their clothing comes from and what happens at each and every stage of the production process. It’s important that both the brands we buy from and we as consumers understand how our clothes are really made and that we start asking who is making them.


We at Back of the Wardrobe are joining the revolution and making a stand for more transparency and awareness and you can too!


Yesterday I gathered fashion and lifestyle bloggers and designers who heard the call to join the revolution too. Everyone was asked to pull from the Back of their wardrobe to find clothes that they hadn’t worn for some time. I asked them to be creative in fashioning an outfit they could wear #insideout to show support. Then we pretty much just hung out and chatted about why Fashion Revolution Day is so important.

I have said before that I support the idea of ‘thoughtful’ fashion and making good use of the things we buy and the items we have in our wardrobe already. I believe it is important to recognise that whilst it is not realistic to never ever buy new, we can challenge the relationship that we have with our clothes more often. Perhaps we can ask where they come from, who made them and whether we can get more than one or two wears from them. Sustainable and ethical fashion brands are growing in strength and number - this way of doing things, this way of moving together consciously to ask for change is the future.

 Lucy Siegle recommends, don’t buy it if you can’t get 30 wears. I say, if you’ve already bought it, it’s easy enough, and more often than not fun to revisit a piece and see how you can style it up to get more wears!

Check the Facebook page for ideas on getting more wears this week and feel free to share our shoot images below supporting #FashionRevolutoonDay.


We are making a stand for more transparency in the fashion industry and you can too. 

How can you join the revolution?


It’s simple just… 

Be inquisitive and investigate where your clothes were made? Wear your clothes inside out on the 24th April, share this post to show your support!

Use Instagram / Twitter / Facebook to post a picture of yourself:

1) Wearing: your clothes inside out


4) Link: all the brands you are wearing

5) Use: the hashtag #insideout

The revolution starts now but it can’t end this week we must keep asking questions and endeavoring to make good use of the clothes we already have. Treasure your clothes and #getmorewears.

Emma xxx

P.s watch out for out tweets asking #whomadeourclothes featured above.

Thanks to all these lovelies for supporting by contributing to this shoot:

Shoot concept, Art director and style co-ordination - Emma Slade Edmondson @backofwardrobe
Photographer - Claire Pepper  @claire_pepper
Make Up and Hair  - Amy Conley @amyconleyMUA
Make Up and Hair - Holly Jordan @hollyjordan93
Nail Artist - Metta Francis  @nailsbymets Nails By Mets 
Assistant - Kate Anderson
Blogger models - 
Emma Slade Edmondson - @backofwardrobe
Danielle Ward - @LittleWardLove A Little Fash Bird Blog
Abadesi - @Abadesi Cloak and Swagger Blog 
Chi Kalu - @I_am_Ms_Chi & @ALondonSteal  A London Steal Blog
Designer models - 
Tida and Lisa Finch of Finchitidda Finch -  @FINCHITTIDA 
Katie Jones - @K2TOGDESIGN



What’s more fun than a bouquet of flowers on mother’s day? 
A stylist on mother’s day of course. 
This Mother’s day treat your mum, or a mum that you know who’s a bit of a super power. (Let’s face it they all are really, aren’t they?).
Treat her to an extra special experience with a stylist. Her Back of the Wardrobe stylist will help her rediscover her existing wardrobe, putting together new combinations and imparting all the magical tips and tricks that will make her look and feel her most fabulous.



Recently I had the pleasure of working on a shoot with Fashion and Fitness Photographer Claire Pepper .

Enjoy this sweet shop of candy shades and monochrome magic. A demo of some trends set to be big for SS14, here’s the perfect inspiration for you to make sure you emerge from winter with a Spring in your step! 








Featuring BlondeFox and White Pepper 



Imagine if you could be dripping with jewels, different jewels of different shapes and sizes and hues, with varying levels of effervescence and sparkle. Imagine if you could have different trinkets to adorn yourself with, to lust over. Unusual and alluring gems hanging prettily about your neck or your décolletage, every, single, day.

If this sounds a little like I’m suggesting that somewhere out there exists the Wonka’s chocolate factory of jewels then you wouldn’t be too far off. And riding the glass elevator is imaginative entrepreneur Sophie Moore of The Folly Boutique. I wanted to introduce her to you personally because her new jewellery rental service is an ingenious piece of imaginary, recently made very real. It’s something I think, all us grown up little girl’s dream of.





It’s simple –

1)You choose one of the fabulous pieces on offer – and fabulous they are ranging from the glam jewel clusters of AKONG to elaborate aztec BUBA beading.

2)You select for hire (or buy), pay a small hire fee – often no more than £30

3)You wait for your jewels to arrive in the post and then style them into an outfit for some such fabulous occasion – I don’t know – maybe Elle Style awards, London Fashion Week, the races or a wedding…

4)After the event you package them up send them back and choose your next jewellery romance…or fling rather ;)


We caught up with Sophie at home over a Back of the Wardrobe styling session. Find out how she came up with the concept, see the styling, get a sneak peak at her beautiful home and read the full interview below:

First off - how did you enjoy your Back of the Wardrobe Style Session?

My session with Emma was fun, inspiring and informative. My usual style is comfy, relaxed and plain and my clothes are usually simple as I tend to make statements with accessories - mainly jewellery from my shop, The Folly Boutique. Emma helped me look at my clothes differently and showed me the importance of a well constructed outfit. As someone who knows a bit about fashion and loves clothes, I consider myself to be fairly confident with dressing; but as any woman with old-standing body issues, I had let myself get stuck in comfort zones. With sensitivity and kindness, Emma helped me to step away from those bad habits using clothes from my own wardrobe, many of which I wasn’t wearing at all. She made up a work friendly outfit for me using items of clothing I usually avoid on their own, but teamed together she made the outfit (and me) feel sexy, slim and professional.







What inspired you to set up a jewellery rental business?

I’ve always been into my jewellery – particularly statement pieces and I had the idea for a rental business a few years back but it really struck me that something like this was needed, when I was planning my own wedding. For me it wasn’t about the dress it was more about the jewels and it was impossible to find the type of modern, stylish designs from luxe names and up and coming designers for hire. I simply couldn’t of afforded to buy the pieces I wanted outright, but nor could I seem to find anywhere I could hire them from.

I don’t think brides should have to be limited to twee pearl twin sets, they also shouldn’t have to feel guilty about spending money on something they will only wear once, so I decided to set something up myself.


How do you know this will take off?

Because my market is quite simply the fashion forward, or interested woman who can’t necessarily afford to buy to her taste. It’s all of us really. *Smiles*.

What’s your career background?

I used to run the admin office at Damien Hirst’s main London Studio, ordering materials for the artworks. I became more and more obsessed with my idea during my time working at the studio but I was too frightened to quit. Then one day I was made redundant, and six months later – here I am. Last year I was at the Paris shows buying and that’s when it hit me – this is it.


What now?

For now business is taking off, I have managed to bag some of my favourite brands and hot new jewellery designers, women everywhere can get glitzed up for their outings to the races, for weddings, dances, dates or even just an important business meeting, and I’m excited for what’s next.



We at Back of the Wardrobe think this idea embodies sustainable luxe and of course we love a bit of reuse. We love the idea that once you’ve had the joy of wearing a piece it can be passed on and we can avoid, in part, the cycle of buying, buying, buying aimlessly. Simply wear once, or twice ;) and then let someone else have a whirl. And your audience - the people that whoop and stare as you walk in covered in jewels? Well, they’ll never know any different…


The Folly Boutique is now an official ‘friend of Back of the Wardrobe’ so watch this space for collaborations to come and remember that if you book a session with us you’ll be offered the opportunity to have some jewels bought along to your session and to rent or purchase these at a 10% discount.

Love and Jewels.

Back of the Wardrobe X

P.s see the session profile and before and after for Sophie’s session here:

All Lifestyle shots by Nuraan Ackers